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bazcoast-guess where

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this is for all the surfers in the unknown (or known) regions
afi, aim to score, airs, al merrick, all-star, ana, andrew doheny, andy and bruce, andy irons, baja, baked ziti, barrels, beach boys, beachcomber, beaches, biarritz, big feet, big waves, big wednesday, billabong, black sand, blacks beach, boots, boredom, bowling, boys, bras, brian toth, bruce, bruce irons, california, campaign, channel island shaping, chefdom, chinese food, chris, closeouts, clothes, coconuts, cooking, cormato, costa rica, culinary arts, cutbacks, dane reynolds, danny fuller, deadbeats, dogtown, drugs are for losers, dylan graves, east, eastcoast, eating shit, eels, el porto, emeril, encinitas, esa, escondido, faceplanting, fetishes, fiji, flat days, flipflops, floaters, florida, food, fortune cookies, fruit, fuel tv, goatboaters, goofing off, goofy, green tea, grilling, hobgoods, hotanoso, huipi, hurley, iguanas, im addicted to surfing, indo, irons, kelp, kilbasa...eww, kip, kooks, ky, led zep, lizzy, lopez and curren, lost, lowers, machado, matchbook romance, music, my 5'7 magic board..., north shore, outer banks, pat o., pesos, polka dots, puerto, q, recycle, reef, reef cuts, regular, rusty, samoa, sanchez, sand, seaweed, sebastian, shoulder hopping, shrimp, skating, slater, smyrna, somewhere anywhere everywhere, spongers, sprays, steak, step into liquid, streakers, stylemasters, sublime, sunblisters, sunburns, sunscreen, surfing, sweatshirts, tahitian lime treatment, the beach mustard, the doors, todos santos, trestles, uppers, v, wardo, waves, webber, west, westcoast, zamba